Kid Without Fear


It is easy to list the memorable episodes in my life. To make them

sound interesting to others was the hard part.

I am not much different from you, I look like you, I can feel, I can

breathe, bleed, joke, cry, like you. I laugh, just like you.

I speak Hungarian, perhaps a few words in German and Russian.

So am I four persons? Maybe, if I count English, my adopted language, maybe I am four personalities in one.

Do I have any special knowledge? Maybe I have. Is my knowledge really special? Is it enough to amaze others? I think it is.

Do I brag about my knowledge? Maybe I do. But then I should, I

know a lot of things. I have drowned three times and been struck by lightning three times. People say cats have nine lives and I think I’ve had nine lives too.

After reading my story you will think of me as a free-spirited

person who likes to joke around and who never bullies anyone.

I hope I made your life a little richer and let you in on a few things

you didn’t know before, or on a few things you shouldn’t attempt to do.

Tusks of Terror


I grew up reading horror fiction. Horror is

in my blood. Horror is about fear and tragedy

and mainly tragedy.

My protagonist – Toti survives a World War

but through his questionable choices almost

succumbs to his own deeds.

The story unfolds innocently until local

juveniles, ATV-s, and marijuana enter the mix.

Then tension, panic, dread and fear takes over.

The author does not spell out the insidious

horror but the air is filled with it. Then blood

and guts spill. From this point on the reader

cannot put the book down.

What will Toti do next? Will Morrison lose

his job? How will Morrison survive the

immense pressures? Will his beautiful

girlfriend Sylvia support him? Will the farmers

find out about the wild boars?

Who else is going to die, Andy, Chilton’s daughter?

Pray for her and find out

The Passengers

Yes, my book has two protagonists. I couldn’t decide who I liked

better. Actually my antagonist should be a protagonist. Crazy, eh?

If my readers can see trouble coming they can decide who they like

best to be the protagonist.

My readers have to see the convergence between the characters

and feel the perils ahead. As the story goes on and disasters happen,

tensions build in the reader’s mind.

The stakes become high. There are awkward challenges, dilemmas

as the ‘weapons’ are drawn. But the author can’t let anyone die, at least not until the end... and even then...

Who will be the villain? Who will be the hero? Who will be the

victim? Or is there a victim?



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